The beach Depths of Thassos, although it is the most difficult to reach the island, It is not at all deserted, as preferred by all sorts of vessels! "Cause" is of course the incomparable natural beauty, Situated in a bay and a sandy beach surrounded by lush vegetation. The towering pine trees reaching the water and […]

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Beach in Metalia

The beach Mining of Thassos is located in front of the old factory where for decades was mainly iron mining, Limenaria. The event "reflected" in the landscape even today, as bright white sand Mines beach is in stark contrast to the dark metal which is covered by the earth surrounding. THE […]

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Kinira beach

The beach of Kinira is located very near the homonymous settlement, on the east side of the island, approximately 22 kilometers from Port. it is sandy, great on long and completely free, without any human intervention. The crystal clear waters, clear and turquoise shades, after reflecting the green nature around. Nothing "artificial" […]

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Golden Coast

Starting from Skala Panagia, east of Thassos, a huge in length, sandy beach stretches for 2,5 kilometers, to Skala Potamias. The Gold Coast with Golden Beach are located in the middle of the coastline and is the most popular and most organized parts of. Especially the Gold Coast is located in the southern part […]

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The beach is Rosogkremos in southern Thassos, located about two kilometers east of Potos. In sandy beach, sufficiently large length and width, surrounded by pine trees and green nature of Thassos, one can enjoy the tranquility of the countryside and the serenity of the sea. There elementary organization and you will find available […]

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COVID-19 Information

In Thassos, along with the pleasant stay, is our top priority your health and safety. Now, More than ever, in the light of its evolving state COVID-19, we focus on the health and safety of all our guests and employees, without overlooking the quality of your experience, when you live with us.

Fortunately, so far no case has been reported case of Koronoi on the island of Thassos.