Skala Maries Thassos Beach

Skala Marion is a quaint fishing village that does not lose its character even in the summer season when the island is inundated with visitors. It is no secret to those who know Thasos, that here one can find the freshest fish cooked with old recipes of local residents. In Aspas beach, […]

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Kallirachis Thassos Skala Beach

Almost the only place on the island where you can still see the small houses, built many years ago, literally in the sea, where fishermen gathered their boats to protect them from bad weather. Today is a favorite vacation place mainly Greek visitors and point […]

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Pefkari Beach Thassos

Pefkari was named by a beautiful pine forest that exists in the region. It is certainly one of the most beautiful locations on the island, with two creeks that are wonderful sand and clear sea. Beautiful hotels that only a small road separates the beach, unique taverns almost next to the beach, the center […]

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Beach Limenaria

Limenaria,located in the southern part of Thassos, is the largest town on the island. Previously experienced great development when the company Speidel (building which, called Palataki, It is now a registered trademark for the region) He made mining the rich mines that existed there. Limenaria you will find the best hotels, rent […]

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Thassos Kinira Beach

This village is known in history as “Ainira” and “Kinira”. Now known as “bath”. Ruins of Byzantine baths and traces of a Christian royal temple have survived here. This was the ancient mining site. Hotels, bungalows, rental rooms, restaurants and taverns, serving perfectly holidaymakers. The beaches with colorful pebbles and […]

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COVID-19 Information

In Thassos, along with the pleasant stay, is our top priority your health and safety. Now, More than ever, in the light of its evolving state COVID-19, we focus on the health and safety of all our guests and employees, without overlooking the quality of your experience, when you live with us.

Fortunately, so far no case has been reported case of Koronoi on the island of Thassos.