The Archaeological Museum of Thassos located in capital city of the island, close to the ancient market, almost in the center of port. Worth a visit as, considered by many one of the most important provincial museums due to findings presented from the Paleolithic to the Roman era. The courtyard of the museum is part of your browser, as it is configured in such a way that it is a continuation of the Archaeological Museum.

In the Archaeological Museum of Thassos you can see the unique sculpture collections, pottery, miniature and coins from the seventh century e.g.. to the 7th century. A.D. In the museum you can tour the so-called "Kouros Gallery», where you can admire the krioforo of Kouros 3.5 measures that had been created for the sacred Temple of Apollo. In the next room you will be able to watch a short film which will be informative about the history of the plastic of the island. End, you can watch another film with references to antiquities Thasos.

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