One of the most beautiful locations in Thassos Aliki. Here is an archaeological site where there are monuments, Ancient and medieval.
At this point there was a major archaeological settlement, just behind the kalyvoules now on the beach. This settlement lived days of great wealth, something that is inferred from the surviving monuments. The most important of these is the holy, The cult caves and marble quarries. The village of Aliki but lived years older acne in the Middle Ages. In this era are the remains of two basilicas that were built on the hill, just before the quarry.
The quarries and the settlement was abandoned in the 7th century AD, because pirates. But the settlement was reborn after many years. Several years ago, Aliki had only huts of fishermen and olive. Today this magical piece of Thassos has been transformed. The clear waters of the bay are a unique natural pool, among pines, olive trees and monuments.