Potamias Folklore Museum

The Potamias Folklore Museum housed in the building of Tarsanas is located in the port of Skala Potamia, and accommodates a well-shaped space, several exhibitions and events. Also in the courtyard of, many musical events take place.  

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Folklore Museum of Theologos

The Folklore Museum of Theologos housed in two-storey mansion Xatzigiorgi, who was known chieftain of the island. Worth a visit to see old Thassian woven and called looms with which they create. also, you can observe old tools used Thassians in their daily activities, and a mill and […]

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Folklore Museum of Limenaria

The Folklore Museum of Limenaria you can easily locate as it is situated in the center of Limenaria. The visit will give you the ability to see close objects used Thassians and Thassians daily, notice the Thasitiki uniforms and travel in time with old photos.

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Folklore Museum Kallirachis

The Folklore Museum Kallirachis housed in a listed mansion 1880. The Folklore Museum is the last two years hosting with great success report nautical photos and paintings with the support of the Navy Museum of Kavala. Worth a visit because it will reach the delivery, the manners and customs of Thasos, as […]

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Museum of the Olive and Olive Oil

Just outside the village of Skala Prinos will find a brand new and very interesting museum, dedicated to the miraculous oil! At the initiative of a local organic company, The museum hosts a place where you can see how is the production of olive oil. There is also a photo gallery, where you can find somewhere to 40 from […]

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COVID-19 Information

In Thassos, along with the pleasant stay, is our top priority your health and safety. Now, More than ever, in the light of its evolving state COVID-19, we focus on the health and safety of all our guests and employees, without overlooking the quality of your experience, when you live with us.

Fortunately, so far no case has been reported case of Koronoi on the island of Thassos.