It is the main church in the village of Panagia eastern Thassos and is considered the most imposing church on the island. In the first place, visitors, pilgrim or not, impresses the size of the temple: Its length 28 meters, almost width 19 meters, while the height reaches 18 meters! For the construction of, calculated that was in the early 19th century, used both Thassian marble, and remains of ancient temples.

The real wealth of the Church of the Virgin Mary is the wonderful handmade temple, hosting images from the 14th and 17th century, like the exceptional style icon of Panagia Pantovlepousas, of 1814. Inside the temple are exposed even old coins village, the Bakir, and a lefkoporfyro banner since the Crusades.

The Church of Our Lady is dedicated to the Assumption is celebrated on 15 August, a great feast.