Favorite holiday destination, the Thassos gathers recent increasing interest of visitors who prefer the green environment, the crystal clear waters of the seas and the respect with which reportedly rich in tradition.

The fanatics of believers indeed are not only families, or residents of the surrounding areas of northern Greece, and youth and people from all over the world who spend there relaxing holiday, to relax or let loose, as the island covered all tastes and all options offered.

the apart, the beaches, attractions the island with a history that goes back centuries, rich tradition and precious cultural heritage, with the religious interesting and old monasteries, and the main monuments of the mining history of Thassos, touched everyone and give the message that the island has to give many guests.

The tourist development of the Thasos moreover also covers all tastes and needs. Large and modern tourist units, with all amenities, and smaller bands and hotels in every village of the island, They can satisfy the most demanding.

A week holiday in Thassos is ideal time, both for relaxation and for browsing. The island, quite large in area, It has natural beauty and cultural attractions that are hard to fit in a week's time, But selecting the most representative, you can see the villages, and attractions and beaches, depending of course on your interests.

Capital of Thassos is Limenas, in the northwest of the island. Already from the name of the picturesque town one realizes that this is the main port Thassos and most helpful to connect with Keramoti Kavala.

There one can find everything, mainly around main pedestrian, while the nightlife 'hits' along the beach. In the port you will find some of the most important attractions of Thassos, the Archaeological Museum, the Ancient market and Ancient theater.

Completely different image of Theologian, which is the most important villages of Thassos and is built on the mountainside, at South, in nature, in an area of ​​natural beauty. The traditional settlement with paved main road will carry you.

The arched bridge, reminiscent of the famous bridges of Epirus and leads to Astris, the churches of Saint Paraskevi and St. Demetrios, chapels around the village, like that of Archangel in Byzantine fresco dating from 1430, the waterfalls of "Kefalogournas"And the old lime They are just some of the attractions, while each summer in Theologos is the representation of Thassian Wedding.

For the youth and not only, The Potos It is the ideal summer resort. Located in the southwestern part of Thassos, approximately 40 kilometers from the port and is the center of entertainment. The huge beach has dozens of stores, while on the golden sands and turquoise waters of visitors admire one of the most spectacular sunsets of their lives.

the Limenaria, very close to Drink, It is the village that represents the modern history of Thassos, because of the mines in the area. The village itself has a complete tourist infrastructure, an excellent beach and attractions, As the Palataki and of course old mines.

The taverns attract many holidaymakers taste fresh fish, while options for swimming in the village are three: The small sandy beach next to the port, the long beach in Limenaria, Located just two kilometers, or finally the beach of mines, as it's called, in the East.

Respectively Potos in the south, it is Fat on the northwest coast of Thassos. the wild, rocky beauty cape Thick, riveting heads, but also very close to a large beach area, where the visitor can see smaller and bigger beaches, stand out among the pine and olive trees, in a green setting.

Scattered rooms accommodate holidaymakers, while the whole area of ​​Pachi, on an area approximately three kilometers between the Port and Skala Rachoni, offers numerous services for those who choose it for their holidays. From taverns and cafes to water sports and traditional rented to large hotels, the Thick there is no way to search something and not find.

Passing the beautiful beaches of Thassos, The tour starts at the "crown jewel" of the island, the green Gkiola. It is the most photographed beach of the island featured in the pages of tourist magazines and agencies around the world. Located at the southern tip of the island, near Astris, about 16 km after the drink and to reach the need to travel a dirt road and then a steep path.

THE Gkiola bordered by towering cliffs, reaching up to eight meters are the ideal springboard for the brave bathers. The high cliffs create an "opening" towards the sea, the point is too low, thus creating a unique spectacle: Everything tranquil, exotic waters of this natural lake and just outside the deep blue Aegean sea, with the "Greek" blue eye plunges to the edge of the horizon ...

Second choice, the Saliara, northeast. Among many the best and most spectacular beaches of Thassos and is also known as marbles, as this area is the marble factory.

It consists of all white and almost perfectly round small stones that shine in the sunlight and make the waters of, in conjunction with reflections Nature, To get the most clear and turquoise shades has seen - many featuring the "exotic", just because of the color of the sea! H is fully organized beach, with few free spaces.

third option, The Paradise, from the most popular beaches, It is the Port 22 kilometers and is located on the eastern coastline, near the village Kinira. golden sand, clear waters, shallow, All shades of turquoise, blue and green, so that the words are really hard to describe.

Perhaps one reason is that even Heaven rather reminiscent Caribbean beach, despite the Mediterranean ... The beach is fully organized: umbrellas, sunbeds, food and drink from the beach bar and a court for beach volley.

At the other end of the Giola, very close to the port and in the green nature of Thassos, the beach Papalimani It is a true oasis with easy access.

It is narrow and sandy beach, with natural shade of the pine trees in most of, whereas the shallow turquoise waters are ideal for children, there enjoyed playing with the sand and sea for hours. There has umbrellas and sunbeds, But there is a shower available, WC, and cafeteria for fast food and drink.

THE Rosogkremos, in the south of Thassos, located about two kilometers east of Potos, one of the tourist villages. In sandy beach, sufficiently large length and width, surrounded by pine trees and green nature of Thassos, one can enjoy the tranquility of the countryside and the serenity of the sea.

It has primary organization, with umbrellas and sunbeds, like a canteen with necessary in food and drink. The waters are clear in Rosogkremo and get different shades of green, reflecting the nature around, while the trees that reach the beach and offer a natural and cool shade to those who wish.

The beach depths Thassos, although it is the most difficult to reach the island, They are those that are worth visiting because it is really special: Located in a bay, surrounded by green vegetation. The towering pine trees reaching the water and create a veil of shadow and protection during the hot hours of summer, the sun is overwhelming.

The waters, where, contrary to what the name portends the coast, relatively shallow, always have a beautiful emerald hue, are clear and crystal. In the depths one can reach through a dirt road, by neighboring villages Rivers and Notre, while it is easier access to tourist boats that make trips for swimming on the island.

The beach Kinira It is also an excellent choice for lovers of calm and serenity. it is sandy, great on long and completely free, without any human intervention. The crystal clear waters, clear and turquoise shades, after reflecting the green nature around, It is the big advantage. Nothing "artificial" there does not disturb the serenity of the landscape, which also complemented by the view of the small island Kinira, called and Koinyriotiko.

If you are not the day-long presence of lovers on the beach, then Thassos is ideal for you, because of the many attractions available. The archaeological sites Island's, with thousands of years history and culture already reduced from the prehistory of man, It is the most important.

settlements of classical antiquity prevail, the most important of course that of the Port, the ancient market, the ancient port and the great ancient theater, which to this day is the center of culture on the island. Exceptional importance is the archaeological site of Aliki, South Thassos, wherein localized ancient marble quarry Thassian, next to the beautiful beach of the village.

Do not miss the end of a tour in the Archaeological Museum of the island, which is one of the most important in northern Greece. In spaces in the longitudinal chronicled human presence Thassos, the first signs of habitation, when Paliolithiki Modern Era up to the 7th century AD, when the island was under Byzantine rule.

The "Krioforos Kouros", height 3,5 measures, the bust of Dionysus, work of the second half of the 4th BC. century, which was part of an oversized statue of the god, head of Pan, the statue of Pegasus, the Sphinx, the relief in recess, many pottery and ceramic art works, included in the most valuable exhibits.

If you find yourself in Limenaria, two rooms should definitely see: Palataki and the old factory. Palataki is located on a small, rocky hill and was for decades the "headquarters" of enterprises that occasionally exploited the mines of Thassos.

It was built together with the Metallurgical Factory 1903 the German company Speidel and worked periodically for about 60 years, until 1963, when they stopped all mining operations in the region. It is an impressive building, with towers at the ends of, storey, with strict symmetry and central European influences currents.

The metallurgy factory stands today as a witness to the "industrialization" of the island. Located just outside Limenaria, just off from the beach and fully retains its imposing, although abandoned for more than half a century.

Founded in 1903 and considered by many a fine example of industrial monument, equivalent of more famous, not only in Greece but also in Europe. The impressive chimneys distinguished from afar and can be observed and that it is building complex, Built in the slope length, so that looks like the roof of one to "touch" the floor of another.

One of the most important attractions of Thassos is Castle Island, also located near Limenaria. The medieval village is invisible from the road until almost the last moment, to serve the military purpose for which it was built, immediately after the fall of Constantinople by the Crusaders in 1204, according to most sources.

For many centuries the castle remained the center of the island, until the advent of the 20th century, that about Thassos marked the beginning of the mining exploitation in Limenaria mainly, led to the gradual abandonment of, as residents looked for work in the coastline.

By the end of the Second World War and the Civil War, Castle was a ruined settlement, most high cultural value. The old mansions and the church of Agios Athanasios, welcome visitors who want to get an idea of ​​the life of past times on the island.

Special interest in full of olive Thassos, presents the Museum of the Olive and Olive Oil, located in Skala Prinos. Guests admire not only the large collection of tools and articles on how pressing the elaiokarpou and production of oil through the centuries, but also rich photo gallery.

The most important point, however, the Museum of Olive and Olive Oil of Thassos is outside this: Around the estate are planted 40 about trees from a set of 163 today known internationally olive varieties.

If, end, your interest in a site has religious character, You should find time to visit the great monasteries and churches of Thassos. The Panagouda, a famous monastery in Maries, officially called Monastery of the Assumption and took its name from the ancient church that was also the reason for the creation of.

Although exact construction date has not been determined by scholars, however been ascertained that the 1813, the Turkish domination in Thassos, the Panagouda repaired and renovated, almost in the form it has today the church.

THE Monastery of Archangel Michael Thassos is convent falling on Mount Athos, located between the villages of Astris and Aliki. It is built on the edge, above a wild cove, It offers a unique spectacle, both to those who face away from and to those of its windows overlook the sea. There he kept a piece of the Holy Nail, ie part of the nails that crucified Christ, while very rich is the showroom of the monastery.

THE Church of Our Lady, the village is the most imposing church on the island. In the first place, visitors, pilgrim or not, impresses the size of the temple: Its length 28 meters, almost width 19 meters, while the height reaches 18 meters! For the construction of, calculated that was in the early 19th century, used both Thassian marble, and remains of ancient temples.

The real wealth of the Church of the Virgin Mary is the wonderful handmade temple, hosting images from the 14th and 17th century, like the exceptional style icon of Panagia Pantovlepousas, of 1814.

THE Monastery of St. Panteleimon, end, Located in the hinterland of Thassos and to reach one must follow the country road in Kazaviti. built in 1843, in the green nature of the island at an altitude of 770 measures, on top of Ypsario.

It functions as a nunnery and according to religious tradition, the cave next to the Monastery of St. Panteleimon, He had become a hermit for a while himself a saint and where the miraculous icon of the monastery had been. celebrated on 27 July, when they organized big festival and faithful flocking from across the island.

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