Limenaria,located in the southern part of Thassos, is the largest town on the island. Previously experienced great development when the company Speidel (building which, called Palataki, It is now a registered trademark for the region) He made mining the rich mines that existed there.

Limenaria you will find the best hotels, rooms and studios for your stay.

Over time however more and more visitors discover the delights it has to offer this distinctive piece of Thassos so far because it has some of the most beautiful beaches and excellent tourist infrastructure nightlife is the summer holiday favorite place both Greeks and visitors for thousands of tourists from all over Europe.

Shore or Tripiti

A small port in which the water is clean, the sand is excellent and there is also a small sea cave (unique throughout Thassos) under a huge rock. Is located 1.5 km from Limenaria.

Beach Limenaria
Beach Limenaria